Site Hacked or Blacklisted? This Free Tool Will Tell You

Website Security – Have You Been Hacked or Blacklisted?


Hacker ImageEvery website is at risk of attack. The bigger it gets, the more likely it will be a target. Website security is a major concern and should not be ignored.Clearly no one is completely protected, just ask the Democratic National Committee.

One of the services that I provide to my website clients is a regular scan of their site to check on the status of everything on and associated with their site and email.

Now, here’s a useful little free tool that everyone with a website should run monthly:

Put your website address into it to find out if it’s:
1. Been hacked
2. Infected with Malware
3. Blacklisted by popular security services (Norton, Google, etc under the “Blacklist Status” tab)
This is a quick way that I can check on the status of a site. I use it for checking my own sites (I have been hacked in the past as long term subscribers will know) but also other sites that look a bit “iffy”.
If you find you have a problem on your site, I recommend either Sucuri and/or WordFence as reputable, speedy solutions to get you out of trouble. Both provide advanced services for a fee, I have used both of them for my own needs and that of my clients.
Take your website security seriously, or it will cost you. I recommend you bookmark this and add it to your calendar to run monthly…or hire me to keep you out of trouble behind the scenes.