What Does That Do? Curiosity Stimulates Interaction.

What Does That Do? Curiosity Stimulates Interaction.

What does that do? One of the most frequent questions I get asked. As a reader of Fill the Funnel you are frequently participating in one of more tests or experiments I am running at any given time.  For over ten years, I have been exploring, testing, deploying and sharing my experiences with sales web tools.

Every day, sometimes several times each day, I have one or more new tools being used on this website, on of my dozen or more other websites for different purposes and sometimes on the sites of my clients or somewhere in my business day. I test everything. Tech testing, usability testing and results testing. Some things work and I write about them and speak about them. Others don’t live up to the sales pitch, and are tossed aside never to see the light of day.

Some days I will have several tools being tested at the same time. Frequent visitors and subscribers to the Fill the Funnel Update are usually the first to notice something new or different, thus they are usually the ones asking the question “what does that do”. The brave ones click and explore it for themselves while others hesitate to click.

One such example is the small lightning bolt icon Facebook Messenger Link in the lower left corner of the home page, blog posts and the Contact or About pages. Look for it. Click it. It opens a Facebook Messenger box that allows you the ability to send a Facebook message directly to me. Give it a try, I will give you a return note personally. I have been testing this on one of my other sites and the value has proven strong, so testing it out with all of you. If you have not been using Facebook Messenger in your business you might want to explore it. It is now my second most active communication channel behind email and rapidly gaining ground. It is fast, easy and effective and I highly recommend it.


Late last week, this site was attacked aggressively and was pretty much wiped out, resulting in some ugly looking page when you arrived. Then they went after my social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. Good news is I had and have backups, two-factor authentication and more security deployed so I was able to get at least the basics back up and functional within 48 hours. It took time, but it was all there for me.

One result was a rebuild of the home page of this site. Click the home page and check out the changes, they are pretty significant. The video sums up what most of my private clients have been saying for years.

One thing that you will notice is that I have “gone public” with a handful of clients that I have done work with behind the scenes. Up until now, most people had no idea that I am behind the scenes supporting many of the top sites and campaigns in the sales arena. I just haven’t talked about it, but after encouragement from many of them, I decided to share that information. If you can relate to the messages from any of them, and how I have been able to help them, give me a call. Or, how about clicking on that little lightning icon in the lower right and letting me know what you are struggling with.