What Happens To Your Email After You Hit Send?

What Happens To Your Email After You Hit Send?

What happens to your email? Every sales person wonders that a few minutes after they hit send. Did it get into the email box? Has she opened it? Unless you are using one of the high priced marketing automation tools you never really know what is happening until you get a response. If you get a response.

If this sounds like you, then BananaTag.com will be of interest and value to you in gaining insight into the email messages you send.

Remember – “Email remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media – nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined.”

Bananatag shines in several areas but it stands out from other solutions because it tracks your emails sent from most any email client you are using including extensions for Gmail, Google Apps, and Microsoft Outlook. Non-integrated email tracking works with all other clients including mobile devices. Several other tools with similar features don’t work with Outlook. This is a major problem because much of corporate email still is driven by Outlook. No longer a problem when you are using Bananatag.

What is Email Tracking?

BananaTag’s email tracking provides you with data on what happens to emails that you send. It’s similar to a “this message has been read” receipt except that it’s sent automatically, meaning that the recipient doesn’t need to manually send the notification. Email tracking can tell you if your recipient opened your message and if they clicked any links in the email body.

Why Track Your Email?

Email tracking takes the guesswork out of sending emails and gives you confidence that your message has been received and acted upon. Knowing that your recipients received your important information can make the difference between achieving a sale or losing out. By using Bananatag you will always know that they have in fact received your email and if it has been opened.

The old – “I never received your email” excuse is no longer valid. Just one more tool that you can add to your daily workflow that can help you win more business.

Pricing Options


There are also team options and custom solutions if you are ready to get your entire team or company the advantages from using Bananatag.

Check out Bananatag and go with the free account to learn it’s benefits. Selling with the insight you gain by using this tool might just make the difference between attending your annual awards banquet on-stage or staying home.

Quit working blind – check out Bananatag and gain an advantage.