Best Way You’ve Found to Win New Business Using Linkedin?

What Has Been the Best Way You’ve Found to Win New Business Using Linkedin?

Chart+Graph paper graphicI have been having a discussion with Gary Hart from fame (@salesdujour) about web tools, their value and the impact on sales in general.  He shared with me a blog post by Ian Brodie that reviewed the results from a LinkedIn poll that he conducted in January of 2010.

While reading the post and the poll results, I began wondering if the answers would be the same today, or if there has been change in the use of LinkedIn for finding new business.  To find the answer, I have created a new LinkedIn poll, worded exactly as the original poll.  I would like your help by answering the poll for yourself and to forward the link on to everyone you know in sales and ask for their input.  Ian’s original poll received 256 responses and I am hopeful that with your help we will be able to meet or exceed that response.

Enter your Poll response here:

The poll can also be taken by going directly to the LinkedIn Poll here:

Please leave your comments and/or observations as well for the rest of the viewers to understand your thinking on this question.

I will share the update and results of the poll after it closes.  Please spread the word and help us get a large pool of responses.