Whiteboard Animation Sales Videos That Grab Attention

Whiteboard Animation Sales Videos That Grab Attention

videoscribe logoSales videos that grab the attention of the recipient are valued treasures when you come across one. Creating one of these masterpieces is always a challenge and innovation and experimentation is going on all the time to find the next big thing. One of those innovations is called “video scribing” or “whiteboard animation” and has been generating  impressive reactions and actions from viewers. Whiteboard animation is the process of explaining a concept through drawing cartoon characters on a whiteboard and capturing this for playback in a video format.

Remember seeing this technique in UPS commercials?

Creating one of these animations has been costly up until now but VideoScribe changes that by giving you control over the creative and content generation all on your PC, Mac, iPad and even Android. I used VideoScribe to announce the posting of this series of web tools each day in September.

Here was the result of my very first effort using VideoScribe:

VideoScribe opens to a blank canvas and you select the items and actions you want to use to tell your story from the ribbon toolbar. livescribe toolbar You then proceed to use each icon, in any order you desire to place images, add text, add soundtrack, add voiceover and then select the background, hand type and camera perspective on the canvas. Other options include the timing of each drawing, transitions, and the sequence you want things to happen in. Export out to your favorite video sharing platform and you are finished. With any amount of artistic creativity (of which I have none) you should be kicking out effective presentations in only an hour or two. I have started thinking about ways to incorporate VideoScribe into emails, tradeshow displays, lobby displays and more. My first attempts at including some short animations in my Powerpoint presentations have begun and the response from the audience so far has been very positive.  I am wondering about making an entire presentation from VideoScribe screens. Give this tool a workout, and share the links from your creations below in the comments area for others to view. There might even be an award for the most effective sales video.

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