WiseStamp Leverages Your Email Signature

WiseStamp Leverages Your Email Signature

The most valuable real estate for sales people is their email signature line.

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WiseStamp leverages your email signature by providing rotating signatures and interactive links to each email you send, including fresh, timely information that your recipients can act upon.

Take a moment, and go open a new email screen and look at your current signature line.

  • When was the last time that you changed it?
  • Is it readable on a mobile device?
  • Does it contain a graphic image that bogs down the recipient’s system when opening your message?
  • Does it provide everything that the recipient could need to contact you or act upon your email?
  • Does it have your phone number?

By asking and answering these questions most of us realize that our email signatures could use some help. That is where WiseStamp can help. You are now able to share fresh, relevant information with everyone that you send an email to.

By including fresh and current information to your signature line, you will find better engagement and response. Include your LinkedIn, Twitter, Google + and other social links on a rotating basis.

RECOMMENDATION:  Be careful not to go too crazy here.  You are able to create multiple signatures that are rotated with each use, so you should not pack everything into one signature. Create several different signatures that each have phone number, and then add LinkedIn Profile to one, Twitter to another, etc. We all have examples in our Inbox right now in which the signature line has so much information that it looks like another complete email. And it goes out each time you send another email. I recommend that your nice logo or graphic signature line gets eliminated. For most of us, we open the majority of our email on a mobile device. That image takes too long to download, and frankly it just clogs up my Inbox.  If I want to see your logo, I can visit your website.

Here is a 2 minute video from WiseStamp that highlights how it works:

Take advantage of the features provided by WiseStamp and watch your engagement grow. They offer both a free plan as well as paid plans ranging from $36.00 per year.

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 Don’t you think it’s time that you start to get value from your email signature?



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