Xobni Announces Xobni Enterprise Version

Xobni Announces Enterprise Version

Xobni as a Microsoft Outlook productivity web tool is a big success with individual users.  With the announcement of Xobni Enterprise, businesses of all sizes now have the ability to deploy and manage Xobni to employees and create enterprise extensions to increase productivity and efficiency. All this is accomplished through an easy-to-use web interface providing what Xobni Enterprise refers to as the “Three C’s” to IT administrators responsible for their company’s Outlook environment.

xobni enterprise

Xobni Enterprise consists of a web-based admin portal that allows IT administrators to easily control, customize and deploy Xobni across their organization. They have also updated the Xobni Extension platform to give enterprise customers the ability to easily create and integrate high-value services and applications into the Xobni client. The first two enterprise extensions are for Salesforce.com CRM and Microsoft SharePoint.

Imagine, for example, a Xobni user who wants to email a customer of theirs, but currently flips back and forth between Salesforce CRM and Outlook in order to get it done. No longer necessary. In addition to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Hoovers tabs, we’ll have a Saleforce extension that allows you to immediately see all the relevant information on the Contact or Account without leaving your inbox.  The time saved and sales flow can only get better.

Xobni and Xobni Plus as standalone individual user solutions are top-notch and highly productive web tools in their own right.  There has been some resistance from larger IT organizations due to the lack of centralized administration and management that IT leadership typically requires.  With the addition of Xobni Enterprise, I expect that Xobni use in the Enterprise will explode.  To learn more about Xobni Enterprise click here.

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