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Xobni Releases Premium Version

xobni plusTonight Xobni released their first premium product, Xobni Plus.  All users that download Xobni will receive a trial version of Xobni Plus and will have the option to retain the premium features should they decide to upgrade for a one-time fee of $29.99.  There are no changes to the popular features offered in their free product including third party integrations with tools including LinkedIn.  However, Xobni Plus users will have access to new features including:

  • Access to Xobni from the compose line (To… and Cc…) – auto-complete of names or ability to find people by typing in company name
  • Boolean search capability from the search box
  • Advanced search results (results based on From, To, Cc or combinations)
  • Search across appointments and tasks

The new version is available now and I encourage you to give it a try.  In coming weeks you will see the launch of Xobni for BlackBerry and Xobni for Enterprise.  There is competition brewing in this space so keep an eye here to learn about developments that will enhance and improve your email experience.

I want to hear from you…will you pay for the premium enhancements?  There are plenty of other web tool companies that are very interested in your answer.   Will you pay?

If you download Xobni Plus, share your experiences and observations here in comments and don’t forget to Digg this post by clicking on link above.

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