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Bill Gates Called Xobni "The Next Generation Of Social Networking"

xobni-logoWhen I read the quote in the title above from Newsweek, my attention was piqued. I have been using this very effective add-on with my Outlook 2007 email for about 9 months now with superior results.  If you use Outlook as the center of your daily world as I do, virtually all communication that you create or receive goes through Outlook and much of it is stored within Outlook for future retrieval.  The sheer volume of information has become unwieldy.  I sorely needed the ability to find key attachements, locate the phone number for someone that just sent me an email, and to easily view the history of our communication. This is where XOBNI comes in. 

Here is their own explanation of what Xobni does:

“Xobni is the San Francisco startup that is revolutionizing the way people manage email relationships. Xobni makes a plugin for Microsoft Outlook that helps you organize your flooded inbox. The name Xobni is the word “inbox” spelled backwards. Xobni was founded by Adam Smith and Matt Brezina in the spring of 2006.

Xobni extends Outlook by offering fast search, conversation threading, a social networking platform, and many other features designed to make email better.”

Since I began using XOBNI, they have since added integration into LinkedIn, enhancing the service even further.  I have referred Xobni to hundreds of my clients and contacts and everyone has given it rave reviews.

This tool is available to download at and I strongly encourage you to check it out.  Let me know how you use it in your world.

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