You Need A Headshot If You Want To Make An Impact!

You Need A Headshot If You Want To Make An Impact!

If you have decided to update and energize your online profiles on LinkedIn® and other online sites, you’ve got to have a photo.

Mike O’Neil, Founder and CEO of Integrated Alliances and a recognized leader in LinkedIn® Training and Consulting says:  ” I teach LinkedIn® and the consensus is overwhelming, people want to do business with people they can see and are now quite hesitant to work with people represented simply by text.”

Another recruiting source said that she has seen a 70% increase in response rates after a photo is added to a profile.  Those are odds you want in your favor!

I did some checking this past week to find out what it takes in time and money to get a photo that didn’t look like it came from a cell phone in a smoke filled pool hall. Prices from the pro’s came back from between $200 to $350 for a 60 to 90 minute session. And I could get on their calendar from two weeks to 6 weeks out. Sounds like a pretty good investment if I am going to use it on the cover of my new book, or if I was submitting an application to America’s Next Top Model.

If you are simply looking for a quality headshot for your online profile, you want a photo that best captures your personality.  Remember that online profiles typically utilize a headshot that is 75 x 75 pixels (85 x 85 pixels on some sites). That is about the size of a nickel.  With that in mind I have been asking what others have done, and was referred several times to an interesting company that specializes in these online headshots for LinkedIn® and other social media sites called

For 50 bucks, you send them a digital photo that captures you at your best. Don’t worry about the background or lighting, just capture you the way you want others to see you. They work their magic with your photo and send you back your photo, enhanced as you have requested, and with 6 different backgrounds like the pro’s use. Very good work and very speedy service.  When you checkout, enter “fillthefunnel” in the promo code box and they will give you a 10% discount off your order.  Let me know how you like your photos by posting your comments and even better, provide your profile links so we can all see how you look!