Your Preferences on Webinars-Share Your Views

Your Preferences on Webinars-Share Your Views

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Webinars have become one of the most popular learning platforms available for both presenters and for participants.

The question of attending webinars that you have to pay for has been coming up frequently and I thought I would ask Fill the Funnel readers to share your thoughts on the following questions:

Experts on this topic have been touting the following recommendations:

  • Best day(s) for a webinar: Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
  • Best time for a webinar: between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm Eastern
  • Best Length: 60 minutes
So once again, I thought I would ask you to tell us if those assumptions reflect your wishes, or those of the presenters.

Please share your preferences by voting in the following three polls:


You will be able to view the results of the polls along the way so check back to see what others are thinking.

One last Poll question:


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. The results individually and collectively should prove interesting. Please tweet, share and email the link to this post to others you work with and ask them to vote.  The greater the number of participants, the more helpful the feedback will become.

If you have additional thoughts and ideas to help make your webinar experience better, please share them in the comments area below.