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You’ve Worked Too Hard to Have Your Content Stolen!

I want to get this into your hands if you have a WordPress website.

In the video above I share a recent, real-life example of a colleague of mine that has experienced a huge loss in his business. A thief has taken all of his award-winning content and information from his best-selling book and copied it all, words, images, everything on his site, and created a new site and published it under a different name. In this case, the thief even ended up with the domain name (a story for another time).

This caused a lot of concern with my clients and friends, many of which have built much of their business success using a website built on WordPress. I know I have over 15 years of work on alone. Until I installed this new plugin, It was all open for the bad guys to steal. Go ahead, try to copy my text or images, or even the code behind the site now. You will be locked out.

I went to work with the team and created a simple, $8.00 WordPress plugin that installs in 2 minutes and completely locks down everything on your site. Even the images you use are protected from theft.

You have worked hard on your content and your work. Too hard to not take a small step to lock it all up and away from the bad guys.

Click here to learn how easy, fast, and inexpensive it is to prevent thieves from stealing your valuable work.

Stay safe over the holiday,