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ZumoDrive-Storage Made Simple

Do you need to have access to all of your files, everywhere and on every device you have.  Unlimited storage that feels local.  ZumoDrive delivers on that need.

ZumoDrive is currently in beta mode and you will be put on the waiting list to gain access.  However as a faithful FilltheFunnel.com reader, David Zhao, founder of ZumoDrive has made available a special link that will allow the first 250 readers instant access.  Click here to gain access to one of these 250 slots.

If you are a typical SalesMaker, you have multiple devices that you use to work your magic.  Laptop, desktop, iPhone, Blackberry and maybe even one of the new netbooks that many of you zumo-logo-w_blackare now travelling with.  Each has information stored on it.  Some of the basic data like email and contacts can be synchronized easily.  There is also a large amount of data that is NOT available across all devices.  Whether it is due to file size, type of file or simply that you just haven’t taken the time to move the files to your other devices, you haven’t had a simple, fast and effective way to make all your data available to any device  you use, and even to a device that is not yours.  An external USB drive is just not practical and you never have it when you need it.

ZumoDrive provides an effective solution to this problem.  ZumoDrive appears as a local drive on your device.  There is a drive letter assigned and you save, copy, paste and manage your files  as with any other drive on your device.  What you are actually doing is storing these files in the “cloud” or Internet in a secure environment, accessible by you or those that you give access to.

With ZumoDrive  your documents can be available on each of your devices without having to move files or synchronize content.  Your files are safe and protected as soon as you save them.  Like other files, your documents are accessible either locally or from the web and it’s really simple to share and collaborate with others.  Unlike sync, ZumoDrive doesn’t copy your stuff everywhere. it’s always in one place.  No version control to worry about. It works even when you are low on space.  Hard drive crashes on the road, not a problem because all your stored files are available via the internet.  It is important to note that this is not a back-up service with encrypted and compressed files.  Your work is stored in it’s native format.  You could and probably should use some of your ZumoDrive space to store your backup files as well, as best practices recommend that your backup files are stored off-site. 

You can have the files on local storage and on the ZumoDrive at the same time.  Even have all your photos and music files on your ZumoDrive providing access anywhere and on any device.

The folks at ZumoDrive have made it easy for you to use their service by offering 1 GB of storage for free.  Additional space is available for a reasonable fee when you get comfortable. 

WebTools Tip:  Keep all of your customer presentations on your Z: drive so that you can always be prepared to present your product or service.

I have been using ZumoDrive for about a month now and have taken advantage of these advantages many times.   I am currently using 60 GB of storage and have moved my entire Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files to ZumoDrive. Easy, fast and secure access available anytime from any device!  Get your account and start benefitting from your ZumoDrive.  

Be one of the first to sign up, it really is limited to 250 registrations. Let me know how you use yours, and share how your productivity has improved.

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