Wild Ducks That Have Changed Their Industries

Wild Ducks That Have Changed Their Industries, and Our World

My daughter sent me an innocent looking link via a text message this weekend, saying that she thought I would relate to it. I did the dad thing and clicked on the link provided in the text message. For the next fourteen minutes and fifty-two seconds I sat silent, watching the story of four amazing people, “Wild Ducks” as they are called in the video.  It inspired me, and I hope it will inspire you as well.

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By the way, thank you Lindsey for being such a great daughter.  And yes, I did relate.

Ayeen Benoza - 11 years ago

Hi Miles, I’m not looking at the company or the brand who helped these people achieve their goals, because it could have been any company. I mean there are far better companies and tools nowadays – and systems that really make our lives easier. What I enjoyed watching was the achievements of concerned individuals who broke the barriers. Their initiative, and perseverance even if there were obstacles. Thanks for sharing. http://bit.ly/ayeen2

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