Website Built by Year End

Get Your Website Built Before Year End

Website Built by year end

Still time to get your new Website Built in 2016!

I was looking at my calendar for the balance of the year and realized I had nothing on my calendar the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I know many of you are in the same boat and I have created a project for you that will yield big returns in 2017 and beyond. Let’s get your new website built!

I have decided to teach a course every weekday during that last week that will show you, teach you and help you finally get your own website up and running. Many of you have had this as a goal for several years but the time commitment and your hectic schedule has not allowed you to tackle this.

I will help you get your website up by the first of the year!

If you would like to finally get this done, and get it done right, with fresh tools and thinking, then this course is for you. To be fair, I am only going to accept 20 of you into the training. Each person will be receiving live training every day of that week, plus handouts, documentation, tools and fresh thinking to get your site built in a week. Each student will be receiving their choice of a premium Theme, numerous plugins that will automate activities like SEO, Social Media, Backups and much more. All live training will be recorded for future reference and playback, as well as dedicated, private training with me using web meeting technology and those sessions will also be recorded for your review if desired.

If this is something that interests you and would like to learn more, click here to read all about the full package contents and what you can expect. I have a hard stop on 20 students on this training because I am committed to see each participant have their site go live by January 1st.

If you already have a website, think about your spouse, family and colleagues that still do not enjoy their own website. It will prove to be a valuable gift that will bring value and rewards long after the holiday.

If you read the course info and still have questions, give me a call at the number at the top of this website. We will have some fun, and the excitement each student feels when they see their new website coming together is something to experience.

I hope to see you register and get a new website up by January 1st!