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Xobni Moves Out of Beta-Rolls New Features

As of 9:00 pm (pacific) tonight Xobni has made available their newest release of their ultra-hot Microsoft Outlook xobni-logoenhancement tool.  This is a big announcement from Xobni as they have removed the beta label from this newest release V1.7.  The team has been working hard for the past few months to improve the speed and performance of Xobni and the latest version offers users:

  1. Reduced Outlook Startup Time – Xobni now loads much faster inside Outlook
  2. Faster Message Loading – Xobni profile data is now cached, reducing delays between loading messages
  3. Indexing Controls – users can now control how often and how much of their mail is indexed
  4. Sidebar Controls – users can now choose for Xobni to open automatically with Outlook or only open when they need it.

The download is available now from http://www.xobni.com

Xobni is also announced tonight an investment from the Blackberry Partners Fund (http://www.blackberrypartnersfund.com/) as part of their B round which was lead by Cisco.  This most recent round of investment will enable Xobni to scale the user base and deliver several premium offerings.  There are exciting things to come from the team at Xobni.

Congratulations to the entire Xobni team for this milestone event and for making one of the coolest products in the Sales 2.0 world. All of us at Fill The Funnel and fillthefunnel.com Blog rate Xobni as one of our “Productivity Super Stars” and a must have tool in your Sales 2.0 toolbox.

Let us know your experience with the new release in the comments section.

Robert - 14 years ago

You should also check out Gist (www.gist.com). It works with Outlook as well as Gmail and any other web-based information source (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.) combining your contacts with news about them.

Gist, Inc.

Daniel Stoica - 14 years ago

I am not using Outlook right now.
I am willing to try out Xobni and see how it works.
After the Tax Season.

Miles Austin - 14 years ago

Ann, I share your pain and offer three thoughts.

1) Xobni has gone through several updates since it was first released, and now that it is no longer Beta, you should feel comfortable in downloading and using Xobni completely.

2) One of the key benefits of Xobni is that it dramatically speeds up many of the search and reviewing features of Outlook.

3) From my own Outlook challenges with 5 accounts loaded, I found that the most effective way to improve performance was to max out the RAM memory in my computer. Obviously processor speed will also have an impact.

Thanks for the question. Great website, by the way.

For others, Ann has a spot-on Post on her blog titled,”Six Warning Signs Your “Social Media Expert” Might Be a Fake!” Here is the link to her post: http://budurl.com/qldd

aevanston - 14 years ago

xobni has been recommended to me before but I have three accounts in my outlook and it is already so sluggish, temperamental, and downright a bad employee I am nervous to do anything else with it! Thoughts?

Ann Evanston
The Warrior is Within You

links for 2009-03-25 at DeStructUred Blog - 14 years ago

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