Forgot your password? No problem. FastAccess minimizes the need to enter a password to log in and will often recognize you faster than you can type a password. What’s more, a scan of your face can automatically log you in to most websites that require passwords.

Your Face Can Open Doors, or At Least Your Laptop

What did you do on your computer today? Add new contacts with yesterday’s web tool Copy2Contact?  Work on your proposal for your largest prospective customer? Pay a bill or update your LinkedIn profile? Send e-mail?  How many password-protected sites did you visit?

When your life is on your laptop or desktop, you need help to protect it. But security programs can be a hassle, taking time to install and use—and adding complications to your already busy life.  Today’s tool provides a better way to get things done quickly, and securely.  It comes in many versions, but I will be focusing on the one that is available to anyone that purchases the newest generation of webcam from Logitech.  This is not a hardware post, but you need to check out Logitech’s newest, HD Pro WebCam C910.

Logitech has partnered with an innovative firm -Sensible Vision – and is providing a free, 60 day trial of their software called FastAccess™ face recognition software.

So what does FastAccess do and how can it benefit you?

It’s simple:

Facial Scanning ImageAfter you download and install the software, your webcam automatically scans your face and enters your password for Windows® login or websites or services that require a login.

It’s smart:

It also lets your Logitech webcam detect when you leave your computer and can automatically lock your computer to prevent unauthorized people from getting access to your data. This all happens so fast and seamlessly, you won’t even know it’s running.

It automatically locks your computer:

We’ve all got private information on our computers. Whether it’s confidential e-mails, account numbers or personal photos, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting into your computer while you’re running FastAccess with your Logitech webcam.

If you’re in a public area, you can engage stronger security settings, automatically lock down your desktop when you step away.  I am always meeting people and working with my laptop in public settings, Starbucks must have a drink named after me by this time!  When I step away, FastAccess “sees” that I have left and automatically locks everything down.  When I return, it sees my smiley face and opens everything back up.

It’s convenient:

Forgot your password? No problem.  FastAccess minimizes the need to enter a password to log in and will often recognize you faster than you can type a password.  Plus, a scan of your face can automatically log you in to most websites that require passwords.


After your 60 day trial expires, or before if you are convinced that you cannot live without this feature, you will need to purchase a license for $24.99 (thanks to correction from Darin at SensibleVision in comments!)

Next Step:

This one will save you both time and aggravation.  Buy a new Logitech webcam – track down the C910 model noted above for HD capability and stereo sound, download the FastAccess 60 day trial, and see for yourself how much time this will save you every day, while keeping your information secure.  Note: Some Dell laptops with built-in webcams are shipping with Fast Access already installed, and others are beginning to follow Dell’s lead. MAC support is not offered at this time.

I hope you will all enjoy a safe and rewarding holiday this weekend!

Darin - 12 years ago

Thank you very much for the great review. It’s worth noting that – good news! – the price of a full license is actually only $24.99 US.

Thanks again!

    Miles Austin - 12 years ago

    Darin, Thanks for catching the price error. I will be going back in and lowering it to $24.99 in the post. Glad to know you are enjoying the series. I hope to hear your input and experiences again.

Ayeen - 12 years ago

It sounds like a fair deal to me, It’s good that some laptop companies has this “fast access” installed in their system. I’m going to check this out, I hope they would also have it in a MAC in the not-so-distant future. Thanks for sharing this Miles!

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