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30 Web Tools logo from 2009 edition

Complete List of 2009 Selections from 30 Web Tools in 30 Days

Listing from the 2009 edition of 30 Web Tools in 30 Days. Interesting to read through them and consider what has happened to each in the last year. Each Listing is linked to the full review. Remember to register to download the eBook of the full reviews of each Web Tool and also the eBook download of the 2010 edition when available later in 2010.

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Use Web Tools to Learn Your Competitive Position

Are you using web tools to gauge your competitive position? To learn how your performance stacks up against your competitors? How often during your week do you find yourself disappointed during a business transaction? Though it is a disturbing statement, execution has become a value-add. It has become the exception when a vendor or supplier delivers what they said they were going to deliver, when they said they would deliver and at the price that they quoted. It has become uncommon in business that we actually get what we expect from our supplier or vendor the first time and every time.

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Company Buzz-LinkedIn Application with Twitter Goggles

If you ever wonder what others are saying about you or your company, Company Buzz should be on your short list of web tools. It displays the Twitter activity associated with key terms or names that you provide. You are able to view tweets made by anyone that include the word(s) or name(s) that you have entered into the application. You are able to customize and modify your keywords to reflect your changing interests. Company Buzz works even if you do not have a Twitter account yourself!

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