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Adapt to declining sales

Adapting Your Marketing Approach Amidst Declining Sales

I’ve been around long enough to have experienced several down cycles in the sales revenue, caused both from internal mistakes and from external. I thought I might give you some things to think about before the next down cycle hits. Being an online entrepreneur means being prepared for the unexpected, including those moments when sales […]

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The Future of Email: New Requirements for Success in 2024

Attention, email enthusiasts and digital communicators! Brace yourselves for a seismic shift in the email landscape. Google and Yahoo, two of the titans in the email universe, are rolling out changes effective February 1, 2024, that will reshape the way we craft and send our electronic missives. Get ready to adapt to the winds of […]

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5 challenges

Five Challenges You Can Overcome Using Mind Mapping

We face challenges every day, and we can choose to overcome them or succumb to the overwhelming pressures. People who understand having a positive mindset and breaking down roadblocks are the type of people who use methods like mind maps to take charge of their challenges. Here are five challenges you may be facing and […]

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