How to Capture Your Most Valuable Asset in Business-Contacts

How to Capture Your Most Valuable Asset in Business-Contacts

Contacts and connections are some of your most valuable assets.  From these people come your income, your opportunity and a fulfilled life.  Yet for many, capturing and tracking these assets is difficult.  Capture and connect is always a good strategy, but how can you do it effectively and efficiently?

Your inbox is flooded with emails every day.  You spend some time each day online, on web sites or social sites.  These activities are exposing not only your current business connections but those from whom future business opportunities might come.  In the past, I have not taken the time to capture all of that information available to me for future use.  Lost opportunity every time.  That all changed when I learned of a Web Tool that allows me to capture this valuable information, and put it into those places and tools where I can use the information when necessary.

Copy2Contact Logo and LinkCopy2Contact eliminates every excuse I have used for not capturing important information.  It has increased my contact database by over 50% in the last year. Here is how it works:

Copy2Contact lets you grab, review, and save new contacts and appointments in just a few mouse clicks.  What has made it most valuable for me is I can place the data into the two places that I use the most – Outlook and Jigsaw.  It has changed the way I look at email.  No more re-typing errors or tedious cutting and pasting!  Just highlight what you want to save, CTRL-C-C, and paste it into your Outlook contact screen.  Same thing for Jigsaw if you use that ( and if you are in business, why not?).

Works with contacts and appointments found in email, web directories, search results, documents, and any text on your screen.  Now Copy2Contact is available on your Blackberry or iPhone.  You do not realize how many contacts you are overlooking because it has taken too much time or too much hassle to get it typed into the tools you use.  Copy2Contact solves that in the few short minutes it takes to download and install.

Here is a very short video clip that show how fast and easy it it to use Copy2Contact:

Pricing can get a bit confusing from their site but the basics are these:

  • Copy2Contact Personal Edition – $39.95
  • Copy2Contact for Blackberry – $9.95
  • Copy2Contact Pro – $79.95
  • Copy2Contact for iPhone – free version or Pro version for $4.99

There are also several bundles that you can choose from based on which devices and/or webtools (, etc.) that you want to use it with.  There is also a Free Trial version for you to check it out.  Most popular, the Personal edition.

Fill the Funnel Insider Tipfor those of you that use Jigsaw, you are able to use Copy2Contact with Jigsaw at no charge if you follow the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Jigsaw account (click here if you do not have one)
  2. Select the CONTACTS tab, then pull down to ADD CONTACTS
  3. Notice on the right side of your screen the FREE tools Link, click that link
  4. Voila, there is the big orange Download button.  Please note the following restrictions for this offer:

“The Copy2Contact Download is FREE* to use with Jigsaw and takes just seconds to install. Copy2Contact adds contacts to Jigsaw for free, forever. Copy2Contact requires paid registration after a 14 day trial if you also want to send contacts to Outlook,, Palm Desktop, or NetSuite.”

I hope you enjoy Copy2Contact and that your contact list and productivity benefit as much from your use as mine has.