#SalesTechChat Launches Sunday

#SalesTechChat Launches Sunday

No matter where sales teams gather, you will always find several conversations about the latest sales web tools and the impact they are having on productivity and results. A tech savvy salesperson is a valuable commodity in the job market as well.

With this audience in mind, Taariq Lewis (@taariqlewis) and I have been exploring different platforms where we could extend the discussion about sales technology. Where ideas can be explored, new approaches debated, best practices and the newest discoveries can be available for anyone interested in such things. Old timer or rookie, sales manager or Chief Sales Officer, everyone is welcome.

When the dust settled, it seems that the most promising platform, available to anyone that has something to contribute or share, is Twitter.  As a result, we are launching our inaugural Twitter chat session on Sunday evening at 5:30 pm EST/2:30 pm PST. Scheduled for one hour, you can join in by going searching for our new hashtag for the chat:


If you have never participated in a Twitter chat before, here are the three easy steps to enjoy a chat session:

  1. Go to Tweetchat.com
  2. Sign in/connect with your Twitter account
  3. Enter “SalesTechChat into the box at the top of the page, then click Go.

You are now in the chat. You can follow along as the various tweets are entered from participants.  For a bit more background and additional tips and tricks for getting the most out of Twitter chats, I have written about them here and here.

If you would like to jump in with your thoughts, or just to say hello (and we hope you do) type your message into the allocated space. Tweetchat will automatically append the #SalesTechChat hashtag to the end of your message, so you must get your message across in 125 characters or less.

The topic for our inaugural chat session is:

Sales Technology Lessons from Q1, 2011

We will be asking 4 specific questions throughout the chat:

  1. How did your sales technology tools contribute to your Q1 results?
  2. What sales technologies are getting in the way of sales execution success?
  3. What technology skills do sales executives need to develop for Q2 and beyond?
  4. What will differentiate winning sales teams from losing teams for the balance of 2011?

If sales technology and tools are of interest to you, stop by and say hi.  Your input will guide us in the weeks ahead as we hear from you about the best day, best time and topics that you would like to discuss.

Taariq and I hope you will join us this Sunday.