How to Create Your Own LinkedIn Profile Button

How to Create Your Own LinkedIn Profile Button

I believe that if you are in business, having a professional, current and accurate LinkedIn Profile is a core requirement.  There are now over 47 million others who agree with me.  Once you have created your masterpiece Profile, how can you ensure that people important to you will see it?

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how to create an e-mail signature using a tool built into LinkedIn.  Judging from the continued strong traffic post, you have confirmed that it is an effective tool that gets results.

There is another technique that will guide people to your Profile that is even more powerful and flexible than a signature line.  It is a “button” or “chiclet” graphic, or even just a text tag that you can View Miles Austin's profile on LinkedIncreate with a few simple clicks from within your own LinkedIn account.

Here is step by step instructions on how to create your customized LinkedIn Profile button.  There is a short video at the end of the written instructions for those of you who are visual learners:

  1. From your LinkedIn Home Page select Accounts & Settings in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Under Settings / Profile Settings select Public Profile.
  3. Select the hard to see customized buttons link just under the Public Profile header. (Make sure that you have Full View box checked and then check off the boxes of those sections that you want to highlight on your public Profile.)
  4. Select the button that you prefer showing on the screen, then copy (Ctrl-C  in Windows) the HTML code to the right of your choice.
  5. Now paste it into the location(s) that you would your new button to appear.

Here are the same steps in a brief video (expand for best visibility):

How to Create your Own LinkedIn Profile Button from Miles Austin on Vimeo.

That’s all there is to it.  Simple, effective and will generate additional views to your profile.  Now just make sure that your Profile is worthy of all the new attention.

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