PayPal.Me - Advancing The Art Of Getting Paid

PayPal.Me – Advancing The Art Of Getting Paid

Getting paid is still the key to success in sales and any other business activity. I have learned that getting paid is an art as much as a science. Anytime we can make it easier, more convenient and simple to do, the likelihood of getting paid increases. It also influences how soon you get paid and who can pay you.

This past week PayPal rolled out PayMe, one of the easiest, fastest ways for any individual or person to get paid. It requires no confusing codes and no graphics. It works on any device that is connected to the internet. It works in email, instant messaging or social media platform. It works fast and could not be simpler. You will need a Paypal account to receive money but it is not necessary to send money.


Sign up for your PayPal.Me account soon because you are able to customize your payment URL. As an example, mine is You do not want to be prevented from using your preferred name because someone else claimed it first.

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1.  Create Your PayPal.Me Account

Browse to Paypal.Me and select your custom URL name. Think about this and choose wisely because you cannot change it after you make your selection. signup screen

Select From Two Types Of Accounts

Select a Personal Account– designed for individuals to shop, receive money or just pay someone back for lunch, all without sharing your payment info.

Select a Business Account– this allows you to accept all major credit cards online or at your office or register, or even send secure invoices to your customers if you desire.

After this step you will be given the opportunity to add your headshot, a brief overview about you or your business and select a color for your page theme. Mine looks like this.

My PayPal.Me Page

After having used this for about a week now, I have been able to use in several ways that I think you might be able to use as well.

  1. A unique way to say thank you to someone who helps you out in some way. I have a stack of Starbucks cards that I keep in my backpack to send to people who show me kindness or do me favors above and beyond. I need to get their address, stamp an envelope and then get it into the mail. Sending them some $ using is not only much easier, it is a nice surprise when the recipient  gets an email announcing they have received money.
  2. Fast and easy way to pay for software, eBooks and even physical goods like books at a meeting or convention.
  3. An effective and convenient way to donate to a cause or person. Click the link, set the amount and send. Simple and convenient for us both.

I came up with a handful of ways that you can use this new tool to collect money for your efforts. I have compiled them all, in addition to more details about the PayPal.Me service, some surprising information about the size and power of PayPal, and a few other tidbits for you.

PayMe - Advancing the Art Of Getting Paid


I thought this would be a good time to try something new as an experiment. I was going to sell this 22 page book through the normal methods of landing page, sign-up and then download but I decided to do it differently this time.

Here is the deal ->

Click on the book cover to the left which will allow you to download the book in it’s entirety. Read it, and then decide if you think the book is worth paying for, and then pay me whatever you think it is worth to you by adding a /$ “ after my link.  If you think it was worth $5 bucks, then you would use this link:

If you think it was worth $10 dollars to you, then change the 5 to a 10 like this:

If you only received 3 dollars worth of value then change the /10 to a /3. You get the idea. You select the amount you feel it is worth and click send.

If you didn’t get any ideas and value from the book, just delete it from your hard drive.

Pretty simple huh?  I have had conversations about this approach for some time now and this new tool makes it easy to implement, while demonstrating another creative way to use it for your business.

This should be interesting to see what people do when given the choice. I will report back at the end of September and let you all know what happens.