Amp Up Your Sales - Great Gift For Any Sales Person

Amp Up Your Sales – Great Gift For Any Sales Person

Amp Up Your SalesI was first introduced to Andy’s writing on sales when I read his first book “Zero-Time Selling” in late summer 2011. It has since become one of my favorite sales books and I recommend it to you heartily if you haven’t read it.

AMP UP Your Sales arrived in in late October and I set it aside to read as I travel. Once I got started it was clear that I was holding what was going to become another of my favorites.

I find the authors writing style easy to read, and the flow of the book is very enjoyable. Rather than a collection of random thoughts and ideas that has become the fashion of late, AMP UP Your Sales has a rhythm and flow that move you step by step through Mr. Paul’s innovative thinking.

His approach is fresh, representing the realities of selling to business in this era of social media, text messages and always-connected information. He explains in detail how to simplify, accelerate, maximize value, Follow-up, prospect, and qualify your opportunities. No one shares HOW to do all of these things more efficiently and effectively.

My favorite is Chapter 25 – Doing What It Takes To Succeed. He addresses the fact that cold-calling is still a necessary activity in B2B sales. He doesn’t get caught up in the semantics of what to call it, but instead asks and answers pointed questions that identify one of the biggest challenges that I faced in my sales career – sticking with the discipline of prospecting. It is hard, and very seldom exciting, but success depends on doing it consistently and with a plan.

Sales people should answer these three questions according to the Author:
  1. How much prospecting must I do?
  2. What am I good at doing?
  3. What prospecting activity is the most effective use of my sales time?

He then explains very clearly how to answer these questions truthfully for yourself and then how to formulate your strategy to accomplish your prospecting goals with your answers as the framework.

Selling is hard. Those that are willing to invest the time to read this book and implement the advice given will see positive results from their efforts.

This author has enjoyed much success in a sales career that ranges from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups. Learn from his experience by reading this book. I’ll bet your copy will end up like mine – sticky notes, dog-eared pages and highlighter throughout. This is one of the best books for sales professionals that has come out in some time. I highly recommend it.